Photonics Event
Photonics Event 2014, Connecting Companies, Students and Researchers



C.N. Rood provides knowledge and solutions to the educational, scientific and industrial institutes in the Benelux region. Our wide range of solutions varies from communication, video/CATV test-equipment and general test- & measurement-equipment to automatic identification products combined with consultancy, training and turnkey solutions including software development. C.N.Rood will introduce products from world leading manufactures like Tektronix, Keihley, Exfo and Sumitomo.


Caliopa is a subsidiary of Huawei Technologies, specialized in design, processing and packaging of Silicon Photonics chips for data and telecommunications applications. Caliopa was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from Ghent University and IMEC to commercialize a decade of research in Silicon Photonics and continues to work closely with both research institutes.


Avantes is a world leader in the field of spectroscopy. They develop and manufacture spectrometers, light sources, software, fiber optic cables, and accessories. Avantes' products are highly customizable, adaptable to any specific application, and integrated into even the smallest housings. These products therefore find usage in many OEM applications and markets, as well as in the scientific and industrial world. With over 18 years of experience, Avantes continues to produce innovative applications in diverse fields including chemical, solar energy, agriculture, gemology, (bio)medical, semiconductor, light measurement and food processing technology.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions

TOMRA Sorting Solutions is a leading provider of optical sensor-based sorting machines. They unite four strong sorting divisions across recycling, food processing and mining industries. BEST Sorting, the Belgian division, is specialised in the detection of foreign objects, discolorations and imperfections in food products. Their optical sorting technologies make use of various photonics-based technologies, like lasers, spectroscopy and hyper-spectral cameras.


ASML is a successful high-tech company headquartered in the Netherlands, which manufactures complex lithography machines that chip manufacturers use to produce integrated circuits. ASML is a technology leader and supplier to all leading chip manufacturers around the world. The steady progress of the world's technological evolution through faster, smarter, more energy-efficient yet more affordable chips is to a large extent the result of technological breakthroughs at ASML. The people who work at ASML include some of the most creative minds in physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, optics, mechanical engineering, software engineering, and computer science. And, because ASML spends more than 800 million Euros per year on R&D, our people have the freedom and the resources to push boundaries of known technology. They work in close-knit, multidisciplinary teams and each day they listen to, learn from and exchange ideas with each other. It's the ideal environment for professional development and personal growth.

Philips Research Laboratories

Philips Research is one of the world's largest privately held research labs, dedicated to helping Philips make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. It is a global organization, in which the results of your research will lead to the introduction of meaningful innovations that improve people's lives. In our open collaborative environment you develop new concepts based on end-user and business/market insights, and you team op to translate them into commercially relevant innovation options. At Philips Research, we work on everything from trend spotting and ideation to proof of concept and, where needed, first-of-a-kind product development, so there is no shortage of opportunities for you to make your mark. For more information please visit our website.


ADB is the world's leading airfield technology company providing advanced, integrated and sustainable solutions for visual guidance. People discover the world thanks to ADB's Airfield Ground Lighting Systems, which offers safe visual guidance to pilots during take-off and landing in more than 2000 airports worldwide. As we are a medium sized company with international presence, ADB creates a professional environment where people with a passion for technology can make a real contribution to the airfield lighting business. In Zaventem headquarters, the full scope of activities is present which allows our people to have the ownership from development to end product. The success of ADB has been built on the passion and excellence of our employees. As we are expanding our worldwide activities we are looking for talented colleagues who like to be challenged within an innovative and energizing culture. Are you passionate about what you do? Are you striving for excellence? If so, then ADB is the right place to 'light up your career'.

OIP Sensor Systems

OIP sensor systems is specialised in electro-optical systems engineering for space and defence applications.

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is a global provider of electronic components, network solutions for telecommunications, undersea telecommunication systems, .... They design, manufacture and market products for customers in industries ranging from automotive, appliance, and aerospace and defense to telecommunications, computers and consumer electronics.


FGBS is a Belgium/Germany based developer and manufacturer of high strenght Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) using draw tower technology. These 'Draw Tower Gratings' are supplied as an OEM component into various industries and can today be found in many of our customer's applications and products worldwide.

Hamamatsu Photonics

Hamamatsu Photonics is a Japanese company producing and developing photonic detectors, light sources and cameras for various applications (biotechnology, optical communications, medical diagnostics, security, automotive industry).

Hamamatsu Photonics Belgium is present as sales office since 20 years in Belgium.